Values & Beliefs

Commitment to Quality Craft Beer

Bringing our best beer to the community means never compromising on quality. We acknowledge and respect the tradition of Craft Beer. We make great beer because we truly love and respect great beer.


We understand that diversity in our team brings us strength through range and innovation. We promise to always uphold diversity not only as a value, but as a mindset we bring to work every single day.

Family Integrity

Families treat each other with genuine love. We all come from different threads and are woven into the same fabric. Good families know how to work professionally together, as well as celebrate each other’s daily successes.

Good Citizenship

Good citizens care deeply for the environment and their community. Our home is Victoria, so we take personal responsibility for our place in the land and sea. We accept the challenge of taking accountability for our actions, individually and collectively.


Strong, vivid, honest, and self-aware: to be bold is to be willing to transform and innovate with courage while remaining true to our style and ourselves. We want our beer to inspire people everywhere to do the same every day.