Our History

We are a family owned and operated Craft Brewery located in Victoria, British Columbia. On August 17th, 1998, Lighthouse Brewing Company rolled the first few kegs of our first beer, Race Rocks, out to bars around the city. In 2004, our first packaged products went out to the Victoria public. This makes us one of Victoria’s oldest operating Craft Breweries, and we have had wonderful community support since our first day over 24 years ago.

We have known since that first day that we need to pride ourselves in what we deliver to the public, and so we bring you products not simply derived from water, malt, and yeast, but also derived from the love and commitment to quality Craft Beer that permeates through our team. We use only the finest ingredients that we can source, either internationally or locally, to delight and thrill your palette. All of our solid waste from the brewing process goes to local farmers as nutritionally dense feed supplement for chickens, pigs, and dairy cattle.

We are more than a Craft Brewery – we are a family that offers you a taste of our passion for Craft Beer, and we love sharing life’s moments with you. From a fishing boat in the Salish Sea to the West Coast Trail, and anywhere in between, we’re honoured to be there with you however we can.



over the years


The foundation

1998- Race Rocks

1999- Beacon IPA

2001- Keepers Stout

2001- Lighthouse Lager

2008- Riptide Pale Ale


Growth and change

2009- Winter Ale

2010- Fisgard 150 Bavarian Lager 

2010- Highland Challenge Scottish Ale

2010- Shipwrecked Triple I.P.A.

2011- Deckhand Saison

2011- Overboard Imperial Pilsner

2011- Cream Ale

2011- Uncharted Belgian I.P.A.

2012- Belgian Black & White

2012- Tasman Pale Ale

2012- Dark Chocolate Porter

2012- Switchback I.P.A.

2012- Pumpkin Ale

2021- Siren Red Ale

2013- Barnacle Wheat I.P.A.

2013- Mailbock

2013- Numbskull: Imperial I.P.A.

2013- 15th Anniversary Ale

2013- Road Trip Fresh Hopped Ale

2013- Desolation Imperial Oyster Stout

2014- Sauerteig Farmhouse Ale

2014- Strath 100 Pale Ale

2014- Bowline Pilsner

2014- Seaport Vanilla Stout

2015- Shipwreck I.P.A.

2015- Barque Belgian Golden Strong

2015- Jackline Rhubarb Grisette

2015- Pacific Sunset

2015- Discovery Coffee Lager

2015- Black Sam Licorice Stout


Modern Brews


016- Broadside Northwest Ale

2016- Depth Charge Barrel Aged Scotch Ale

2017- Citrus Shore Session Ale

2017- Canada 150 Heritage Ale

2017- Numbskull: El Dorado Edition

2017- Ryujin Belgian Triple with Plums (Collab with Fuggles and Warlock)

2017- Numbskull #2: Ahtanum Edition

2017- Groundswell Fresh Hop India Pale Lager

2017- Depth Charge Oak Aged Belgian Quad with Cognac

2017- Nightwatch Coffee Lager

2018- Numbskull #3: Motueka Edition

2018- 20th Anniversary New World Belgian Wit

2018- Siren’s Echo Imperial Red Ale

2018- Numbskull:Citra Edition

2018- In Cahoots Dark Cherry Sour (Collab with Town Square Brewing)

2018- Depth Charge Oak Aged Whiskey Doppelbock

2019- Numbskull #5: Belma Edition

2019- Lemon Lime Sour

2019- Ghost Ship Hazy I.P.A.

2019- Raspberry Lime Pilsner

2019- Numbskull #6: Mandarina Bavaria Edition

2019- Belgian Black & White II

2019- Black the R.I.P.A. – Rye I.P.A.

2019- Perla Negra Baltic Porter (Collab with Andina Brewing)

2019- Depth Charge Oak Aged Imperial Stout w/ Rum

2019- Numbskull #7: Azacca Edition

2020- Cloudburst Hefeweizen

2020- Poseidon Pale Ale

2020- Red Sky Red I.P.A.

2020- Depth Charge: Oak Aged Tequila Barleywine

2020- Numbskull #8 – Imperial Tasman Edition

2021- Kapitan Czech Pilsner (Dave Thomas Memorial Benefit Brew)

2021- Strawberry Rhubarb Wheat Ale

2021- White Squall White I.P.A.

2021- Desert Island Peach Gose

2021 – Maelstrom Dark Sour

2021 – As The Crow Flies Kottbusser

2021 – Achor’s Aweigh Wee Heavy

2021 – Numbskull #10: Simcoe Edition

2021 – Depth Charge: Oak Aged Brandy Wheat Wine

2021 – Nation Beer Light Lager

2022 – Seven Seas Session IPA

2022 – Numbskull #11: Rakau Edition

2022 – Cucumber Kolsch

2022 and beyond

The Future

Check back to discover all our new exciting releases!